Organizational development

Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (PMEAL) Training for Action for Social & Economic Progress (ASEP) and arche noVa staff (Feb –March 2021)

The Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEAL) training involved capacity building of nine ASEP and arche noVa staff to have a shared understanding of the MEAL concept and how the current MEAL framework and traditional planning process should be implemented. The training outcomes included:

  • ASEP employees have gained knowledge and skills in the basic methodologies of planning, monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning and their application to the implementation of the ASEP monitoring systems. 
  • ASEP workers are equipped and prepared to train project staff under their supervision,
  • ASEP staff have understanding of the implementation and monitoring of the strategic plan of the organization (to be finalized).

Reinvigoration of the peace building network, training on the network on Conflict Prevention Management and Resolution (CPMR) and review of Xeer documentation for Danish Refuge Council (DRC)/Danish Demining Group (DDG)- (series of contracts) –Aug 2016 to Feb 2017

Rufmo was commissioned to facilitate on behalf of DRC and DDG series of activities in Luuq District (Gedo region, Somalia) and Warsheikh District (Middle Shabelle region, Somalia) aimed at strengthening peacebuilding committees (Guurti). These activities followed previous interventions to revise and document the conflict resolution laws (Xeer) in these districts, and the same time, form (in Warsheikh) and reconstitute (in Luuq) the Guurti committees. The activities were part of the Community Driven Recovery and Development (CDRS) project, which aimed at contributing to the stabilization efforts of the fragile parts of South Somalia by strengthening social justice through improved community level governance mechanisms and enhancing access to employment opportunities, social services and security for conflict affected populations.

The implementation of the Guurti strengthening activities started towards the end of November 2016 and ended on 19th February 2017. The specific interventions include training of the Guurti structures on conflict management and peace leadership, developing community dialogue and reconciliation plans (CDRP), popularization of the Xeer (customary law), facilitating monthly peace meetings, and rebuilding social reconciliation through trauma healing.

The development of community dialogue and reconciliation plan for Luuq took seven days. A taskforce of 25 members was selected in the fourth day followed by 3 days planning and documentation exercise. The same methodology was followed in development of the CDRP in Warsheikh and a taskforce of 15 members was formed.

The first conflict management and peace leadership training held in Luuq from 7th -13th December 2016 brought together 40 participants (including 6 female) from the Guurti. The second training was held in Warsheikh from 16th -22nd January 2017 and was attended by 45 participants (including 12 female) from the Guurti and the local administration.

The first trauma-healing workshop held in Warsheikh from 25th -30th January 2017 brought together 40 participants (including 12 female) from the Guurti. The second training was held in Luuq from 8th -15th February 2017 and was attended by 42 participants (including 6 female) from the Guurti. Participants in both workshops made a rollout training for the public on the final day to showcase their understanding through lectures, role-plays and drama. The Xeer handover ceremonies followed popularization through the social media and other platforms. The Xeer was read out the public in both districts and was endorsed overwhelmingly.