Research done

Participatory Action Research for Save Somali Women and Children (SSWC) and NEXUS Consortium (April – Aug 2021)

SSWC commissioned Rufmo to conduct Participatory Action Research (PAR) whose objective was intended to unveil the root causes of humanitarian aid dependency and effects of climate change on agricultural productivity, livestock management and environment. The NEXUS consortium shared the findings with all relevant stakeholders in the country while asking members to capitalize on them by designing context-specific programs that enforce the recommendations. The study was conducted in Mogadishu, Hargeisa, Bosaaso, Beletweyne and Kismayo.

Labour Market Survey: Skills for Youth in Gedo Region

Centre for Research and Integrated Development (CeRID) commissioned Rufmo Consulting to conduct a labour market study in December 2018 a part of Business Development Unit (BDU) Project supporting Sayid Mohamed Technical Education College (SAMTEC). The purpose of the research was to identify to identify the existing labour market skills in local markets of Baled Hawa, Luuq and Bardheere towns with the view of helping youth secure decent work or start their own enterprises. 

Status and Needs of District Peace Committees in Gedo and Lower Jubba Regions of Somalia

The Somalia Conflict Early Warning Unit (CEWERU) of IGAD sought to identify the status of the district peace committee in Gedo and Lower Juba regions.